A treetop walk in Hamaren Activity Park – Norway


With dramatic fjords, idyllic islands, whimsical churches, peaceful saunas, and an impressive historic canal, life in Norway’s Telemark region, about a four-hour drive southwest of Oslo, is often said to be fairytale-like. Now there’s a new wondrous attraction: a treetop walk in Hamaren Activity Park.



The fully accessible trail allows visitors of all ages to feel like they’re floating above the pine forests of Fyresdal Mountain, nearly 50 feet in the air. The 3,280-foot long and 6.5-foot wide boardwalk — thoughtfully designed to match the natural curves of the slopes — starts on the forest floor. It works its way up along the Fyresvatn Lake to the summit of Klokkarhamaren, a rock formation, and goes along mountain ridges and above treetops. The path leads to a nearly 164-foot diameter circular viewpoint, where visitors can take in the scenery of the forest, rocky mountains, and clear lakes.



To really give a sense of blending in, the pathway was built with locally sourced pine, giving visitors the illusion of truly gliding along the canopy. Simplicity was also a priority during construction, as it ensured there was minimal effect on the natural setting.
The walking trail has been in development since 2017, when the idea came about to create a path that everyone could experience, regardless of their physical abilities and restrictions. As a result, the gently inclined path is just as suitable for cyclists and walkers as it is for strollers and wheelchairs.

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