Cave Swimming, Crocodiles & History: Enjoy Cuba Solo


When you arrived in Cuba, checked into the enormous new Melia International Hotel in Varadero. This hotel was completed in 2019. It has a separate section called “Level” which is adults-only and nice and quiet.
You can tried driving a speedboat for the first time with Boat Adventure, or went on a Jeep Safari around the countryside with Ecotur .



Cave swimming at Saturn’s cave and, while swimming under the stalactites



You can joined a tour group with Havanatur for most of my visits and we made a stop in a small city on the way to Havana called Matanzas. While there, we went into the Museo Farmacéutico



Have the apothecary was built in the early nineteenth century and operated until 1964. The owners had made their own concoctions and the museum is still filled with the original machinery and bottles which were used. The museum is open on weekdays and costs US$2.50 to enter.
Of course, no trip to Cuba is complete without a visit to the vibrant city of Havana.


Swoop flights from Toronto to Cuba are CAD$159 one-way, so they’re very cheap, but there are some caveats. They charge for a carry-on or checked bag and the seats are basic with no entertainment console. As well, food and drink is only available for purchase. Basically, bring water, snacks, and download some movies on your phone and you’ll be set.
Some quick things to know before you go to help you enjoy Cuba solo:

There are still many items which Cubans can’t easily get so if you have extra room in your luggage, it’s always nice to bring items to donate or leave as tips: pantyhose, vitamins, guitar strings, toys, art supplies, and batteries are good options. Bring them especially if you’re going on an excursion into the countryside where it is more difficult for Cubans to obtain those items.
Convertible Cuban pesos were discontinued in 2019 so if you have some lying around, they can’t be used anywhere. However, you can still give them as tips as the locals can convert them.
You may want a VPN on your phone/laptop as some websites and apps are still inaccessible or will run slowly without a VPN. Here are a couple of good options and more details.
American and Canadian dollars are very welcome as tips and often preferable.

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