Coyoacán- The neighborhood for quiet charm in Mexico


Have a lot of Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera chose to call Coyoacán home for so many years. Even after decades of being swallowed by Mexico City’s urban sprawl, Coyoacán has managed to retain a certain degree of village charm on its cobbled streets and colorful plazas, not to mention it can be surprisingly quiet.

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Almost every visitor to Mexico City makes a pilgrimage to Casa Azul, Kahlo’s former home and studio, to gain a deeper understanding of the painter. In fact, it has become such a tourist hotspot that visits must now be booked in advance online.

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Just around the corner, the Museo Casa de León Trotsky sees far fewer visitors, and yet it offers a downright fascinating look at a house where Leon Trotsky, an exiled Marxist revolutionary from Ukraine, lived in exile before he was assassinated with an ice axe.

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