Dining experience in Bologna, Italy.

Bologna is considered one of the food capitals of Italy.
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Ex: At Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, where we got a traditional pastry and an introduction to the tour. After that, it was a walk through the markets right off Via degli Orefici, an area that, despite being in a touristy part of town (right next to the main square), is still frequented by locals.


A small pastry on the streets of Bologna, Italy
It was there that you can stopped at Osteria del Sole. This affordable wine bar is in fact one that was recommended to me by a reader, famous for having been around for hundreds of years and for letting people bring in outside food. It’s very popular with locals

After that, walked through the backstreets to a restaurant, where we had more wine and traditional tortelloni. There you can learned the difference between tortelloni and tortellini . Turns out that the former is primarily made with cheeses, herbs, and vegetables, while the latter is filled with meat.

A tasty plate of pasta in Bologna, Italy, and tried some more red wine.

Visiting a small shop as part of a tour in Bologna, Italy

Nearby Modena is the spot for balsamic vinegar, and no food tour would be complete without some.

After that it was time for gelato and goodbyes.

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