How to Make Spoon Rings


three spoon rings on a brass tray this idea

9 years ago (!) I shared a tutorial on how to make your own spoon rings. They were inspired by rings my mom had made when I was young. I found a few more sterling silverware pieces last year and I wanted to update the tutorial a bit and add a video so people can follow along with that!

Sterling silverware is a bit harder to find now than it used to be – for me at least. But I keep my eyes out at thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets. But you can also check eBay, Etsy, and antique stores so you can search through and find a piece with the perfect little design that you want. There are some really intricate and beautiful options out there! And while I appreciate a beautiful old spoon, it’s just so much more lovely as a ring!

rings on brass tray on top of book next to plant and candle


  • sterling spoon (or other sterling silverware)
  • string (to measure finger)
  • ring mandrel
  • jeweler’s saw
  • metal file or dremel
  • rubber mallet (if you don’t feel like buying one, just a regular hammer wrapped with leather and a tied with a rubber band does the trick – this is what I used)
  • muscles! 🙂
stretched out hand with spoon rings and bracelets

How to Make Spoon Rings:

Follow along with the video below! Or if you like written out instructions, you can follow along with the old tutorial.

plant, jewelry and candle decor on top of white dresser in front of mirror
hand reaching for jewelry on brass tray
rings on brass tray on top of book next to amber candle and plant

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