I’m a pest expert… hidden signs your home is secretly riddled with terrifying bugs


A PEST expert has revealed the hidden signs that your home might be riddled with creepy critters.

Nicholas Donnithorne, from Rentokil Property Care, has shared his top tips for spotting insect infestations in your home.

One of the signs you might have an infestation is small holes in wooden surfaces


One of the signs you might have an infestation is small holes in wooden surfacesCredit: Rentokil Property Care.

One of the first things to look for according to Nicholas is “small holes in wooden surfaces”.

He warns that “woodboring beetles typically lay their eggs on the surface of rough timber” and explains that as the larvae “bore into the wood to feed” they will leave small holes in the wooden surface.

He adds: “After three to five years (in the case of the common furniture beetle), look out for tiny (2 mm) round exit holes in wooden furniture, flooring, and structural timbers, as these may be signs of adult beetles emerging.

“Adult emergence begins once the timbers start to warm in the spring and can occur from April to September.”

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Another common sign that you may have a beetle infestation is small white eggs on or inside wooden surfaces and furniture.

Nicholas says: “The eggs of common furniture beetles (Anobium punctatum) are white and lemon shaped, only 0.35mm wide and 0.55mm long, so finding them is difficult but not impossible, especially as they are often hidden on the edge of timbers or inside old exit holes.

“However, if you spot small, oval-shaped objects on wooden surfaces, these could be the eggs of woodboring beetles.”

Damaged furniture could also be another sign that you may have unwelcome visitors.

“Look out for signs of damage such as crumbling or weakened wood, or holes in the wood,” says Nicholas.

This could be a sign that larvae are feeding on the wood after hatching from eggs.

Another sign of larvae could be sawdust or frass (larval poo) which could accumulate near the infested area.

And lastly, Nicholas warns to listen out for tapping or rustling sounds.

He says: “Some species of woodboring beetles, such as the deathwatch beetle, make tapping sounds as they communicate with each other or potential mates.

“The larger larvae can also be heard boring inside the timber.

“These sounds may be heard in quiet areas of your home, especially at night.”

Woodbooring beetles can be found in buildings where there is dampness or water leaks, and potentially in old or second hand wooden furniture.

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Infestations can cause structural damage as they can consume the core of the timber.

In most cases, a beetle infestation in furniture can be treated with a brush, or spray application of a Permethrin-based woodworm treatment.

Five hidden signs your home is riddled with terrifying bugs

  • Small holes in wooden surfaces
  • Small white eggs on or inside wooden surfaces
  • Damage to wooden items such as furniture, picture frames, and wooden tools
  • Piles of sawdust or frass (larval poo)
  • Tapping or rustling sounds especially at night

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