Sit back and soak of travel aboard the Blue Train


Sit back and soak in the golden age of travel aboard the Blue Train, a five-star hotel-on-wheels ranked as one of the world’s great – and most luxurious. Warm birch paneling, plush leather seating and full silver service at gourmet five-course meals befit the 19th-century British diamond and gold magnates who demanded traveling in the finest luxury, and this train journey remains one of the classiest.

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The Blue Train travels between Pretoria and Cape Town, with two nights onboard. While you’ll enjoy the best of service and decor, it’s the scenery outside the windows that will dazzle the most: cactus-dotted desert, rocky mountains, vineyard-dotted hills, lush valleys and a front-row seat for Africa’s famous sunsets. Meals, drinks, Monte Cristo cigars and even a personal butler come with the hefty price.

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Book your Blue Train ride during the low season (Nov–Aug) for significantly lower fares.

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