The Analogue Pocket will soon come in 8 Game Boy Pocket/Advance colors –



The Steam Deck OLED aren’t the only new handheld gaming variants you can snap up this week. The Analogue Pocket will soon be available in eight fresh colorways. Analogue says they’re color matched and manufactured in eight classic Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Advance colors: blue, green, indigo, spice orange, pink, red, silver and yellow.



Pre-orders will open up on November 17 at 11AM ET on Analogue’s website. The company will start shipping these models on November 20. So, if you want to gift one of these versions to a (very special) someone this holiday season, it should arrive with plenty of time to spare.

As with other special-edition Pockets, these will probably all be snapped up quickly. The Glow in the Dark model sold out in just two minutes. Even so, the limited-edition models may be your best chance of getting an Analogue Pocket anytime soon.

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