What to eat when traveling to China


Dumplings – this traditional Chinese food can be steamed, boiled, and fried
Kung Pao chicken – diced chicken mixed with peanuts, red chillis and a slightly sweet sauce usually served with a bowl of rice
Jian Bing – like a pancake or crepe, served with green onions and spicy chili sauce
Beijing roast duck – classic Chinese duck dish


Ma Po tofu – spicy dish of tofu with browned ground beef in a savory sauce with green onions
Sichuan shredded chicken – spicy chicken stir-fry
Steamed stuffed buns – balls of dough usually stuffed with pork and vegetables
Dim Sum – traditional Cantonese dish with a variety of dumplings and steamed buns
Sugared hawthorns on a stick – a sweet but slightly tart snack sold by street vendors
Hot pot – a culinary experience where you order meats and vegetables to the table and add the ingredients to a boiling hot cauldron of water in the middle of the table

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